Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better Christmas Gifts

Anyone who knows Miss MoneyPenny will tell you that she turns into a shape shifter during the holidays.  I don't know why but they bring out the worst in me.  Actually, that is a big lie.  I do know why and one of the big reasons is that money really gets wasted on stuff that people don't really want and can't sell on eBay later.

Miss CutiePie and I were chatting about this the other day and she suggested this post.  I like her ideas.  How about supporting our local businesses by purchasing gift cards?  The ideas that come to mind are passes to the Rose Theater, the local Car Wash and a favorite restaurant.  Then there are pedicures and massages.  Who wouldn't love that?  If you want to really go all out there is always a gym membership.  You see where we are going with this.

Another idea that CutiePie had was to design your own coupons.  You could make it for the coolest things...like yard work, dog sitting or a homemade dinner.  I would love to have a coupon for all three, actually.  A person could really go crazy with this one.  You would only be limited by your imagination and what the intended giftee would appreciate.

In reality, most of us just don't need or want more stuff, unless, of course, we are talking jewelery here.  But that goes without saying.  When I hear that the average person is planning on spending $700 this Christmas on gifts, I wonder how much of that is going on a credit card.  Crazy. 

You do know that you won't get away with giving your six year old grandchild a coupon for Christmas.  When it comes to the kids, ignore all of the above because Christmas is for kids.

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