Sunday, December 18, 2011

Knitting with the Seahawks

Miss MoneyPenny is a knitter and the best thing to knit to is a Seahawks game.  I've never been to a game but I sure enjoy watching the boys on television.  When you watch the game, there is plenty of time between plays to knit and not miss anything.  They make a play, then stop and pat each other on the butt, and sort out the latest penalty.  And there is all that instant replay.  Perfect for knitting. 

You may wonder where I'm going with this - as I am.  Seriously though, those of us who knit know that it can be a very expensive little addiction.  Buying quality yarn for a sweater can set you back over $100, easy.  I used to not blink an eye at this, but times are different now.  The problem is that I still love that gorgeous yarn and want to knit with it.  And there is so much beautiful stuff out there now that it is hip to knit.  Those of us who have always knitted remember the old days when our choices were pretty limited.  Now there is yarn that is handpainted and a work of art in silk, cashmere, merino, alpaca and beautiful cotton.  What to do.

Since I can't seem to get off of the good stuff, I knit socks.  For $20 to $30 you can knit a pair of beautiful socks while enjoying that wonderful yarn as it slips through your fingers.  And who doesn't want a pair of handmade socks made from some gorgeous, arty yarn?  So the sky is the limit when it comes to my socks.  I can afford to buy any yarn that flips my skirt because I only need enough to make a pair of socks.  I prefer to knit on size one needles, so the knitting takes quite some time to finish.  So, now you see where I'm going with this - for a doable price, I get beautiful yarn, lots of quality knitting time and the Seahawks winning.  Brilliant!

Amaryllis update:

This little baby is so beautiful it is almost unreal.  Who knew?

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  1. Nice Amaryllis! I took mine out of the basement and they have a little green on them, but alas, I fear I waited too long. We'll see in the next few weeks....

    Socks! We all love your knitted socks! Over the years, I thought that I too could learn to knit and make those beautiful items. However, it appears that MMP is the only one who received the knitting gene. When the kids were little, I preferred to crewel. Now... I prefer to hike/walk/snowhoe/kayak! I also have all the foul weather gear associated with all those activities so that I don't have to stay in the house and knit!

    P.S. Do you want to know what colors for me?