Tuesday, December 27, 2011

News You Can Use 12/27

Now, you know that Miss MoneyPenny is a knitter and what a sad thing it was when Dinah's Yarn Store closed earlier this year.  Good news!!  Dale Hagen, an elegant lady up from L.A., has bought the store and it is now called Port Hadlock Yarns (http://www.porthadlockyarns.com/).  I dropped by today to check the place out and was very impressed.  I was thrilled by the large selection of beautiful sock yarn (Miss MoneyPenny's specialty) and all the other gorgeous yarns on display. 

I have a feeling that this store is going to become a "destination" shopping experience.  You feel welcome when you walk in and just know that you could bring your knitting problem and somebody would sit down and help you out.  It is now hip to knit and this store definitely reflects this.  Be careful, though, I walked out with two skeins of stunning sock yarn that I didn't know that I couldn't live without.

Also, I came across a new site that proved to be helpful right away.  It is called DealNews (http://dealnews.com/) and it lists daily online deals.  I'd noticed that my favorite ex husband's old Norelco has been having issues the last few times that I shaved my legs and I had to bang it on the counter to get it to turn on.  I was reading a financial article online yesterday morning with my coffee,  and they had a link to DealNews, so I linked.  I was quite pleased to see that Target.com had Norelco shavers for $19.99, free shipping.  I was on it.  That was just dumb luck, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out if you know that you need to buy something.  They also have interesting articles, which are listed in the same way as the deals. 

Amaryllis update:

I almost feel bad about posting this picture of the beautiful amaryllis in her fading glory.  She was certainly a wonderful addition to Christmas this year and we got a lot of enjoyment from her.  I've been reading up on what to do after they finish blooming and it does not agree with how I did it. Since my method worked, I'm going to cut off the stem and flowers (for the compost, of course) and stash her back in the guest room and forget about her.  In the summer, she can live outside and get a good tan and then freeze to death in the early winter before I bring her back in and stick her under the sink in the bathroom for a couple of weeks.  Should work.

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