Friday, December 9, 2011

Grocery Basket 12/09

Miss MoneyPenny can't decide whether to use the 35 year old twinkly lights or the new fancy dancy much safer blue LED lights.  I put the new ones on the big ficus last year and they were so bright that you could knit with black fingerling yarn with them.  At night!  And Miss SmartyPants said that she could see the glow all the way to Oregon.  That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.  I really, really want to put up my old lights, but I really, really don't want to burn down the house.  Surely, they won't catch fire if they are unplugged. 

Aside from the Christmas tree lights dilemma, this is what QFC has to offer this week:

Cuties California clementines $3.99/3 lb (coupon SS/12/4)
Honeycrisp apples $1.99/lb
Mangoes $1/ea
Anjou pears $1/lb
Red grapefruit $4.99/10 lb bag
Starbucks coffee $6.99/12 oz (coupon SS/12/4)
QFC butter $4/2
QFC cottage cheese $1.99/24 oz
Organic fingerling potatoes $2.99/lb

There are no vegetables or fresh fish on sale this week, so we headed over to Chimacum Corners and bought Shorts Farm organic stew meat, fresh vegetables and greens.  While we were there, we noticed that they had Fuji apples for .99/lb and they were organic with no wax.  Also, their fingerling potatoes were $1.59/lb  instead of QFC's $2.99/lb, so savvy shoppers might check out the local guys before laying down hard earned cash with the big guys.  Just saying.

In case you were wondering, tomorrow night is the Full Cold Moon and I'm sure it will be.  And you will probably never read another blog where the word "fingerling" is used three times.

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  1. I love fingerlings.... there... That is 4 times! I try to pick them up at Costco. yummmmmm