Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daily Double

OK, kids.  If you are a card carrying ebater, and you should be, today is the day that Miss MoneyPenny waits for.  PetCareRx is 10% today.  This is how I work this deal:

Buy a year's worth of flea meds = $100
Use $10 coupon, get free shipping over $35 (SS/10/9)
Sub total = $90
Amount into ebates account = $9
Use American Express card = .90

What this means is that I'm getting those meds for $20 off and they are usually on sale at PetCareRx.  Check it out if you are a tree hugging flea carrying animal lover.


  1. Thanks MMP! Just placed my order!

  2. Here's another Ebates deal I wait for!
    4Inkjets is 27% cash back! WooHoo!
    They are also giving you 10% discount on your order at 4 Inkjets. I ordered 90.00, got 9.00 discount and I will get 21.87 back from Ebates, which makes 4 toners only 59.13! The 90.00 before discounts and Ebates rebate is a better deal than most everywhere. Also, free shipping for over $50. Don't be afraid to order from this company. I've ordered for personal and business and their products are great.

  3. Really? MissSmartyPants gets her inkjet refills at PetCareRx?