Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Full Beaver Moon

Miss MoneyPenny has been so distracted lately.  Get it together MoneyPenny.  It has come to my attention that we are headed for winter...again!!  Where did summer go?  I wasn't done with it yet.  Anyway, where I'm going with this is that it makes sense financially to be prepared for winter and all that it can bring.  Before Miss MoneyPenny started taking care of her house by herself, she thought getting ready for winter was putting away the shorts and taking a vacation from shaving her legs.

Now, you know that Miss MoneyPenny believes in maintenance, not repair, in all things, so here are a few things that I've been doing.

For the CR-V I had my tires checked and rotated.  Then I had my favorite mechanic change the oil and flush and replace the old coolant (anti-freeze).  In August, my grandson put on a good coat of wax.

For the house I put a new filter in the furnace and made sure that the vents were all working properly.  My son, the plumber, made sure that I disconnected my outside hoses.  I plan to buy those gizmos that you put over the faucets so that they don't freeze up.  Even with a plumber in the family, broken pipes are not fun.  I have experienced this.  And don't forget the new battery in the smoke alarm and best of all...the flannel sheets and fuzzy slippers.

Outside is a work in progress but I did get all of my ceramic pots rolled over to the side of the house so that they don't freeze and crack.  My vegetable garden is black slime and is waiting for me to put it to bed for the winter.  I pull all the dead stuff and throw it in the compost.  Then I cover the garden with manure and compost and cardboard weighted down with bricks which equals zero weeds in the spring.  I had a chat with my lawn guy about mulching the flower beds when everything is through blooming, which will be soon.

I think I'm almost ready for Old Man Winter.  Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.  Maybe it will be balmy this winter and we get an early spring and a long, warm summer.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

The Full Beaver Moon?  That is tomorrow, the 10th.  I have no idea why it is called that or who thinks up the names of the full moon, but I always check to see what it is.  I have a vision of beavers frolicking in the moonlight singing Van Morrison's old song "Moondance."

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