Thursday, November 7, 2013

November, the Best Month to buy...

Yesterday when I slapped down my new Medicare card for my new titanium hip I knew without a doubt that I am no longer young, or barely middle aged, for that matter.  How the hell did that happen??  And when?? 

Before I retired last year I had a really spiffy job as the Acquisitions librarian which involved all the materials ordering for the library, along with selecting the adult fiction, and time on the Reference Desk.  Cool job, huh??  I was surrounded by very intelligent and funny coworkers who really kept me on my toes intellectually, if I could use that term when referring to myself.  I was up on all the new books, movies, music CDs, and magazines, plus, all the new technology that came down the pike.

Now that I'm retired the trick to keeping all those gray cells up and running is front and center.  As I've mentioned before I belong to a group of the world's best whack of knitters.  This is a combination of two knitting groups that was held at Port Hadlock Yarns before it closed this summer.  We are a loud and lively group who shuffle back and forth between the library and the Shold Center for our weekly get togethers.  We have been told to pipe down at both places.

The fuzzy picture above, and I apologize, was taken last night and it shows nine different socks knitted by one of our whack who is doing a sock knit along.  The tenth pair was still on the needles.  What I'm getting at here is that being around all this excitement where knitting is concerned is quite heady and thrilling. 

I have always knit by "throwing" which means that I carry the yarn in my right hand.  I am now being tutored by a really patient knitter on "Continental" knitting, or "picking" where the yarn is held in the left hand and it has been a real adventure.  This is just like learning to knit all over again and my fingers and brain are getting a workout.  I think I was about 10 when I had a piece of knitting so full of holes, slipped stitches, and yarn overs from who knows where - all knitted so tightly I can barely get the needle in each stitch.  But I'm determined.  I'm starting to feel better about knit stitches but those darned purl stitches are a real bugger.

Okay, let's take a look at November's deals, being on the lookout for a good sale on:

Aluminum Foil & Plastic Wrap
Disposable Baking Pans
Carpeting & Flooring
Trees, Shrubs, Bulbs
Recreational Vehicles
Air Conditioners


Baking Supplies
Holiday Dinner Items (cranberry sauce, etc)

Seasonal Produce:

Pears, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries, Kiwis, Citrus Fruit, Winter Squash, & Root Veggies

For those of you who are certifiably insane Black Friday is coming up the day after Thansgiving and more and more stores are opening at 8pm Thursday night.  That gives you time to take a nice nap after putting away enough calories to last until Christmas when we do it all again.

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