Wednesday, September 17, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 9/17

The Bradster and I headed out to Sol Duc Hot Springs on Sunday.  This was the first time that he has gone with me.  Usually he stays home with the critters while I have a wonderful time.  And we did have a wonderful time but it was too darned hot to spend much time in the hot springs.  I hate this global warming business.  Until the last couple of years the September trip up the mountain was either rainy or at least cool enough that you could enjoy a good long soak.

Staying at Sol Duc can get real expensive if you don't plan ahead.  We stayed two nights and it cost us about $400 including the pet fee for Pici.  We ate breakfast at the lodge every morning and lunch at the cabana by the pools.  The food is very good but expensive.  The dinners run close to $30 before dessert and wine so we opted to eat out of the ice chest.  We had beer, hard cider, cheese, hummus, crackers, cookies, and grapes.  We were quite happy with that.

Okay - let's look at the weekly ad.  Fresh wild caught King is on sale for $12.99 a pound this week which is as cheap as I've seen it all season so I will be buying some.  It looks like the new "sale" price for colored peppers is going to stay $1.50 each instead of the old $1.  The last time I looked you can still get six peppers at Costco for around $6.  Find a friend and share and while you are at it you can share a bag of avocados for about a dollar a piece for nice big ones.

Here are my suggestions for this week:

Mission Tortillas - $1/10ct
Simple Truth Organic Beans - $1/15oz can
Tully's Coffee - $5.99/12oz
Special K Cereal - Buy 3, Final cost $1.99/ea
Bumble Bee Tuna - $1/can
Coffee Mate Creamer - $2.50/qt
Fage Greek Yogurt - $1/5.3oz
Nature Made Vitamins - BOGO
Fresh NW Cooked Shrimp Meat - $5.99/lb
Fresh Dover Sole Fillets - $6.99/lb
Fresh Wild Caught King Salmon Fillets - $12.99/lb
Lean Ground Beef - $5.99/lb
Pork Country Style Ribs - $3.49/lb
Barilla Pasta - $1/ea
Broccoli or Cauliflower - $ .99/lb
Grape Tomatoes - $2/10oz
Green Beans - $1.49/lb
Greens - $1.50/bunch
Large Navel Oranges - $ .99/lb
Colored Bell Peppers - $1.50/ea

I can't believe that the Bradster is smiling after I soundly trounced him at our nightly Scrabble game.  We worked two crossword puzzles and he really was good at that - after all, he is a reference librarian.

Next year we are planning on taking advantage of the end of season discounts and going in October when, hopefully, it will be much cooler.  It looks like they offer a BOGO deal on their cabins - buy one night and get the other free.  For that price we could afford to stay longer.

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