Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guys in Tool Belts

Everyone who knows Miss MoneyPenny is aware of her lack of knowledge when it comes to home maintenance.  I know that it is really important, but I don't know that it needs to be done until something has to be fixed.  Miss MoneyPenny is all about maintenance, not repair, so I'm trying to do better.  Once I learn that you need the gutters cleaned, I no longer wait until the water is gushing all over the place to have them cleaned regularly.  Ignorance is not bliss when we are talking home maintenance but I'm a quick learner.

I have a cedar deck that is 17 years old.  I have taken very good care of it, following the instructions of the guys that built it for me.  It has been pressure washed and stained on a regular basis but still it rots.  The bid for a new deck was in the area of $4000!! if you can believe that.  So, I got hold of my handyman (Shane) to see what could be done.

We stomped around on the deck and he took some measurements.  We came up with a plan to rebuild parts of the deck, replace 20 boards in the fence and re-caulk the windows.  Whew!!

Here is a picture of what $140 will buy you at the lumber yard:

After we got the cushions off, and all the plants and furniture moved, here is what he found:

I can't believe that I haven't fallen through some of those rotten places.  Scary thought.

If you live in my area and you need a cute, I mean good handyman, let me know and I can get you his number.  He has the MoneyPenny seal of approval.

Food Waste Update:

What you are looking at is half of one of those "personal sized" watermelons.  Usually they are pretty tasty, but this guy was taste free, so he languished in the fridge until withered.

Cha Ching: $1.25

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