Wednesday, October 8, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 10/8

Have you planted your garlic yet??  I got mine in on Sunday.  I've never been a huge garlic lover but after growing my first crop I'm in love with all things garlic.  This year I planted twice as much as last year using the biggest cloves from the last crop.  My sister has asked for some of my garlic but I'm gonna make her come up here to get it.  I think that it is worth a ten hour drive.

The picture above is my begonia in October.  Still looks gorgeous, don't you think??  But every morning when I go out to water him there are blooms all over the place suggesting that he is getting ready for the first hard freeze.  Begonias aren't crazy about full sun but this poor guy is now in total shade so I'm thinking that has something to do with the dropped blooms.

I've been wanting to go out and put the veggie gardens to bed but the flowers are still blooming.  No way could I rip out the above beautiful blooms.  I've mixed dahlias and zinnias in this bouquet.  I always thought that zinnias were like granny plants until I started growing them.  All you do is plant the seeds and stand back and enjoy the show.  I think that they add a touch of beauty to the veggies.  They do curl up their toes at the first hard freeze though.

Since I haven't been able to put the garden to bed I went after the blackberries.  What a job that was.  I'm beginning to think that cutting them off my fence (from the neighbors) is making them grow even more because they were seriously thick.  I've got piles like the above all over the yard waiting for Chris to take them away.  I want to make clear that none of these blackberries came from Tina's side of the fence.  No blackberry would be stupid enough to grow in her perfect yard.

Check out this colander full of beets, carrots and onions from my garden.  I've been in a real nesting mode lately and had decided to make a beef stew using my produce.  I did buy the mushrooms and turnips.  I let it simmer all day and it was really good for dinner.  I froze two containers for later.

The next day I made a big pot of spicy chicken soup using up the leftover meat from a Costco rotisserie chicken.  By the way, you do know what a good deal one of Coctco's chickens is don't you??  They go for $4.99 and they are much larger and tastier than supermarket chicken.  My sister gave me the idea of taking all the leftover skin and bones and throwing them in the crock pot with some water for free broth.  I rarely buy chicken broth any more.

On Sunday I'm getting together with my besties for an Indian feed.  Miss Jenny, who used to own a restaurant for about 30 years, is making a chicken curry.  She is a serious cook and is going to roast and grind the spices!!  We are meeting at Miss CutiePie's house because she has the biggest kitchen and Mr CutiePie will be gone hunting which is a good idea because I don't think that he appreciates spicy foods.

I volunteered to make chutney.  I found some recipes on the Internet that I'm going to cherry pick the ingredients for peach chutney.  I know I should probably just follow the recipes but where is the excitement in that??  Just to make sure that we have decent chutney I will be buying a bottle of Major Grey's yummy chutney, also.  If it turns out to be a hit I will share my chopped together recipe.

If you are wondering about the QFC ad there isn't one.  Or rather, they are running the one from last week again and you can check my last blog for the highlights.  I don't know why they are doing this.  Maybe to save money on printing the ad and changing all the signs??  You got me.

I bought this bath mat and it is so thick that it takes forever to dry and it throws my washer off balance but it feels good on my toes.  I took it out of the dryer when it had been in there for an hour and found a sunny place at the end of the deck to finish drying it.  Guess who found it??  Yep.  The Boston Terror who loves all things warm out of the dryer.  Her leg looks cut off in this picture but it isn't.  She has it folded under.  Anyway, the last time I looked she had all four legs.

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