Wednesday, December 11, 2013

QFC Grocery Basket 12/11

This picture doesn't do this wreath justice but I was freezing to death when I snapped it.  The bow is actually burgundy and works well with my front door.  This wreath came from the ladies at the Nordland Garden Club who have been putting out swags and wreaths for years.  I remember way back in the 80s when my favorite ex-husband always bought one for the business so they've been around for a long time.

Okay kids.  As you know I went in on the 18th of November for a new hip.  Well, everything went to hell and I ended up spending five days in the intensive care unit.  The thing that they put down your throat during surgery poked a hole in my trachea and collapsed my lung but they didn't know that.  They thought I was having an allergic reaction.  It wasn't until I ended up in the Harrison trauma unit 12 hours later that I was literally saved by a trauma surgeon back from the Mideast who realized what the problem was.

As my friend, Miss Judith, says - there is no such thing as a routine surgery.  And my new hip??  It's doing great!! and I'm getting around much better than before.

Anyway, now on to the QFC ad which is pretty lame this week.  There are a few things that you can stock up on for holiday cooking.  EEEK!!  Christmas is just two weeks away and I am totally not prepared.  I'm just happy that I can take a shower by myself but I am starting to float a few ideas around in my head but that is it.  I'm thinking that I will not be doing prime rib for my Christmas Eve party because the kids will be doing it for Christmas Day.  And they did it for Thanksgiving.  As you can tell our family loves prime rib!!

So here are the highlights from the ad:

C&H Sugar - $2.69/4lb (also good for the hummer feeders)
Starbucks Coffee - $6.99/12oz
Swanson Broth - $1/14oz
Coffee-Mate Creamer - $2.79/qt (I get mine at Costco)
Darigold Butter - $2.50/lb
QFC Whipping Cream - $2/16oz
Fresh Wild Dungeness Crab - $4.99/lb
California Cuties - $3.99/3lb
Colored Peppers - $1.50/ea
English Cucumbers - $1.50/ea
Honeycrisp Apples - $1.99/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine - $1.99/lb

I grew up on the southern Oregon coast and I ate a lot of seafood, including crab.  I can't believe that I am now allergic to shellfish!!  How unfair, because I love it.  When you buy your crab be sure and have them back and clean it for you.  You will have to pay for the whole crab but at least you won't have to deal with the cleaning.  If you decide to do it yourself, throw the shells and guck into your compost.

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