Friday, July 29, 2011

Grocery Basket 7/29

Usually my grocery basket is almost all fresh fruits and veggies, plus some quality proteins.  I rarely bring processed foods or goodies home.  I think that most processed food tastes pretty nasty, although I do have an addiction to saccharine from the 60s, that I wish I could kick.  That being admitted, fresh is best.  Miss MoneyPenny is very happy with wine, cheese, fruit and good bread for dinner.  How can you beat that?  You can't. 

If I want a goodie, I have to leave home to get it.  This is the only way I can do it, and I bet that I am not the only one, otherwise I can't sleep, thinking about it.  What I end up doing is eating the whole thing at once just to get rid of it.  Sister Miss SmartyPants throws the evil thing into the garbage and covers it in used kitty litter.  That usually takes care of it...I hope.

This week is different because my 16 year old grandson is coming up for the week.  He is lined up with car detailing every day to make a few bucks, so he is going to be very hungry.  My son says he is an eating machine.  I seem to remember that he was too.  Anyway, I'm laying in supplies because I'm working also, and don't have time to cook all day and keep him filled up.

I have a family sized package of country style pork ribs in the freezer that I'm going to cook in the crock pot.  At dinner time, we will put them on the grill and sauce them.  Along with corn on the cob and good rolls, we should get two meals out of it.  Maybe not.  Along with Ferino's pizza, Valley Burgers and steak night, that should take care of our dinners.  Lunches will be lots of sandwiches and Messetta peppers.  Breakfasts will be cereal and milk.

The only things that I saw in the Safeway ad of interest this week were:

T-bone steaks $5.99/lb
Buy $25 worth of iTunes cards/get $5 off next shopping trip

QFC is where I'm shopping this week:

Buy 4 General Mills cereals/get 2 gallons milk free/I have 2 coupons for $2 off 4 boxes
Hillshire Farms lunchmeat 2/$6 - I have a coupon for .75 off 2
Lays Chips $2.79
Mezzetta Peppers 2 for $3
Peaches 10lb for $10
Peppers 10 for $10 or a buck a piece

I will fill in with bread and sodas.  I will also hit World Peace for the rest of my produce needs.  I'm going to fill my cooler on wheels with ice, sodas and waters so he will have them close by where he is working.

The guest room and bathroom are all clean.  I think I'm ready.

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  1. WOW! I'll be there in September... I'll bring the wine, you fill up the cooler! :-)

    P.S. Tell Mr. Genius the comments work now...